I worked to leverage a new part search algorithm to create an accessible, easy to use experience to help customers find everything they need to repair their appliance.

My Role

UX/ UI Designer 




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Our facilities maintenance customers are busy people, who need to quickly identify broken parts, order a replacement, and be confident that the part they ordered will fit their appliance model.


Improve Access

Create a seamless, intuitive experience that is natural and easy for the customer to navigate

Quickly Browse

Structure content in a way that encourages interaction and easy skimming

Increase Conversion

Allow customers to research parts and quickly place an order.


1. Engineer/ Maintenance Lead

responsible for repairs, maintenance, and renovation projects for building and surrounding grounds. looks for quick turnaround in fixing problems.

2. Property Manager

concerned with maximizing financial returns, creates & maintains a unique guest experience, executes brand standards & build property awareness.

3. HDS Employee

focused on meeting customer needs and tracking down hard to find repair parts. facilitates part - appliance connection research based on customer calls and emails.


With a clear idea of who I was designing for and what their needs are, I embarked on an iterative design process to develop a viable solution

Repair Parts Process-01


After some low fidelity tests I turned my ideas into a clickable prototypes to validate solutions using Sketch and Invision, which in return will allow us to make the right experience for our end users.


repair parts cover full
Information at Your Fingertips

Accessible from individual product pages with all matching product diagrams.  Simply find your current appliance model on  If repair parts are available you will see a secondary CTA to shop repair parts.  

Diagram Hotspots

once you've located your needed part on the assembly diagram, click on it to be brought to that part in the parts list.  Product numbers are automatically sorted by diagram part number for easier reference.  Parts can also be reordered based on price, name, or brand.

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Add to Cart

Quickly add multiple parts to your cart, and continue on with your order.  No need to visit individual product pages or deal with intrusive popups.


I think it's important to not get married to your design, but to be able to think critically and objectively about what could be improved.  That being said, here are a few questions I still have:

Scaling the Application

How would the design change with the addition of different categories? What would the user flow be to reverse search a part?

Mobile Experience

Is there a better way to view cluttered product diagrams on mobile?  How can we make this interaction more intuitive?

Making it More Helpful

How can we add how to videos, articles, and other content to further the helpfulness of this tool? What other features would customers like to see from this tool?

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